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Michel + Nico are brothers from Biarritz who began their directing journey by teaching themselves to film and edit short films, documentaries and then commercials. Their energy and infectious enthusiasm has lead them to work for Mercedes Benz, Renault, GAA, Red Bull and Orange among others.

The duo recently helmed ‘The Honest Player’ for Gillette, through Grey London, which featured international rugby star George North and has been widely acclaimed.

Their style is a reflection of themselves and their former lives as a social worker (Michel) and as an architect (Nico): raw, honest, observant, endearing but with a poetic, sensitive and atmospheric tone… a kind of passionate, humanistic vision.

Notable recognitions include a Kinsale Shark, being shortlisted for the Young Directors Award in Cannes and nominated for Best New Directors by Shots.

Sport and passion, human stories, travel and discovery are the subjects they love, and any theme that gives them the chance to explore.

Tags: Action, Automotive, Celebrity, Documentary, Live Action, Sports, Performance, Children, Visual Storytelling, Food & Drink, Visual Effects, Dialogue